• Risk Management
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Growth Strategies
  • ​Corporate Performance
  • Brand Strategy
  • Transferring Ownership of Trademarks
  • Company Establishment and Management
  • Brand Purchasing
  • ​Organizational Structure
  • ​Legal Processes
  • ISO 9001​
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ​ISO 27001
  • ​SA 8000
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Disaster and Cluster Solutions
  • System Security
  • Business Solutions (CRM)
  • ​Communication Technology

our servICES


  • Brand Building
  • International Quality
  • Market Intelligence
  • ​International PR
  • Pre-assessment
  • Commercial & Financial Assessment
  • Reorganization
  • Business Analytics​
  • Sales&Marketing Process Design
  • Supply Chain & HR Management
  • ​Foreign Investments
  • Legal Advice
  • Attorynership
  • Domestic & International Legal Counselling

TURQUALITY is the first and only state-incentive branding program which aims to establish and sustain a positive image for Turkish brands in international environment. The program is designed to develop global players in international markets with the companies that possess a product groups in which Turkey holds the competitive advantage and branding potential. This is achieved by obtaining advanced settings in institutionalization and knowledge management at all functions of the company.

With our high-qualified consultants, Orday & Orday provides pre and post management consultancy services to its clients in TURQUALITY.


Orday & Orday is supporting companies with management consultancy service to meet the needs of changing internal and external conditions.We offer;

  • Business Analytics for quick adaptation to the changing conditions of internal/external environment and assimilation of tangible decision-making approach.
  • Preparation of sectoral road map.
  • Implementation of dynamic and efficient systems while re-designing sales and marketing processes
  • Pricing and profitability management
  • Supply chain management
  • Human Resources management
  • Analysis and support for foreign investments
  • Training services

Strategy development

Orday & Orday provides support in strategy development at different levels to strengthen companies' positions in global competitive conditions. We offer;

  • Corporate vision and strategy development,
  • Strategic business plan,
  • Determining market, competition and brand strategies,
  • Determining growth strategies,
  • Strategic planning and corporate performance management,
  • Implementation of balance scorecard.


Orday & Orday offers brand consulting with two main bodies.

Determining Brand Strategy;

  • Creating brand identity,
  • Brand management,
  • Brand development,
  • Brand auditing.

Transferring Ownership of Trademarks;

  • Identifying distraints on the brand,
  • Exploring similarity with other brands,
  • Preparing draft trademark assignment,
  • Notary support,
  • Patent registration for the new owner.


Orday & Orday offers risk identification and management services for existing and potential risks in regional and global scale. Give that, we offer;

  • ​Evaluation of existing risk management applications,
  • Analysis of encountered risks,
  • Designing necessary reorganization for effective and sustainable risk management plan,
  • Creating a Sustainability Strategy to preserve financial sustainability of the company with determining environmental, social, ethical, economic and management related risks, 
  • Preparing a family constitution to sustain their existence for further generations,
  • Identifying & assessing risks of abuse and facilitating preventing internal mechanisms.


Orday & Orday Business Solutions Partner offers services during certification processes. Given that we offer consulting support during the certification and implementation processes for following;

  • ISO 9001: 2O15 Quality Management Systems,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems,
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems,
  • ISO 27001 Information Technology - Security Techniques - Information Security Management Systems,
  • SA 8000 Social Accountability International.


Orday & Orday offers acquisitions, merging and demerging services to its clients with following scope;

  • Pre-assessment of the given company/ies,
  • Pre-processing readiness for sale,
  • Assessing legal, commercial, tax, financial structures of the given company/ies,
  • Post-processing reorganization.

legal counselING

We offer legal advice and attorneyship for fulfilling domestic and international legal needs of our clients with following services;

  • Company Law
  • Labour and Social Security Law,
  • Intellectual Property Law,
  • Law of Banking,
  • Real Property Law,
  • Building Laws,
  • Taxation Law.

technology consulTING

Technology and innovation are inseparable parts of today's business processes. The need for technology-supported business change processes are accelerating.

Technology expert business partners of Orday & Orday provides optimum solutions for company's reorganization and problems with all aspects of information and technology related process.


Orday & Orday provides overseas expansion, company structuring, formation, lease, legal & bank processes, organizational structuring, process development, brand purchasing, branding, market research primarily for companies in Turkey, USA and Europe.